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Destinations at West Cape 

There are many interesting places to visit around West Cape.

The Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger fjord in norway

The Geiranger fjord is the most visited fjord in Norway. In the summer many cruise ship are seen in the fjord taking in the extraordinary view. There is also possibility for sightseeing by boat 5-6 times a day. You can then see many extreme river falls out in the fiord, for instance: The seven sisters, Brudesløret and Friaren. 

Up in the mountains you will also find small farms. The people here were living from what the nature could give. The land was steep and hard to cultivate and in the winter the avalanches threatened. Today most of these farms are falling apart, but some of the farms are restored for tourists.


West Cape

496 m high and straight down in the ocean.  From here you have a marvelous view, you can see many miles in all directions. Out in the ocean you can see ships crossing. In the winter it often happens that big ships has to wait several days for better weather before they can go round West Cape. West Cape is one of the most feared crossings at the coast of Norway. 


Also the Vikings feared the crossing at West Cape. If the weather was too bad, they often had to pull their big Viking ships over the hill at a place called Drage, near Leikanger. This was hard work and could take several days.


The West Cape area was a heavily fortified place during World Ware II. You can still find some of the remaining of the gun sites, especially at Ervik. More information and pictures from the landscape of Ervik can be found here

Revfvik beach

The sand beach at Revvik, is ideal for children that like to build sand castle, but the water might be a bite ruff for small children. The water temperature reaches  18-20 degrees in warm days.

Kråkenes lighthouse

At Kråkenes Lighthouse you have a marvelous view over the ocean. You can relive some of the old charm Norway's Lighthouses had. If you want, you have the possibility to get a guided tour around the lighthouse.

On your way to Kråkenes, you will have to travel through Måløy. Måløy is an important fishing town, with several fish food companies. There are always one or more fishing boats in the harbor.

Hiking in the surrounding mountains

The mountains in the West Cape region is ideal for nice walks. The mountains are mostly steep from the Fjords, but when you reach the top, you can walk for hours in beautiful surroundings without getting too exhausted.  In the autumn/late summer, you can also collect blueberry, cloudberry and mountain cranberry. There are several small mountain lakes with possibilities for fishing or for a picnic at the shore.



Ålesund - Alesund in Norway

Visit Ålesund, approximately a 3 hours drive from the West Cape region. Ålesund is well known for its style; the Jugend style. In 1904 the city was on fire and more than 12 000 people lost their homes. When the city was rebuilt, they used the Jugend style. In Ålesund you can also visit Atlanterhavsparken, an aquarium that contains fish sorts from the Atlantic.   

The Dolstein cave

This cave is several hundred meters deep. In the inner part of the cave there is a large room called "the Church", and in the center of this room, there is a stone called "the Alter". A guide is required to enter the inner part of the cave.

The bird mountain at Runde

At Runde, in Herøy kommune, you will find Norway’s easiest place to view birds at a close range. The clip where the birds stay is 300 m high straight up from the sea. You can see many hundred of thousand birds. All together more than 220 spices observed here.

The wildlife is especially rich in the nesting season (spring and early summer). To get the best experience, it is a good idea to make this trip in good weather. Wind, rain and fog may spoil much of the experience.


At Indre Fure you will find a small settlement of about 5 houses. It is believed to have lived people here from early in the 1300 century. The people here lived of what they could harvest from the sea, like fish, crab and lobster. The catching were taken to Bergen and exchange to money. Even though the catching were good, the life here was hard and many men lost their life on the sea. Often the weather was too bad for the fishermen to go ashore at Fure and they had put into a harbor elsewhere. No wonder that the fishermen’s wives often scouted with concern out on the sea.  


The landscape around Fure is very special. If you take a trip to Fure, it is highly recommended that you also take the trip out to Ytre Fure. It is approximately a 1 hours walk on a path to reach Ytre Fure. The landscape is rather steep and not recommendable for small children. It is also recommendable to wear good footwear. 


The tourist information at Åheim or Selje have a lot of other great information about interesting places to visit in this region.



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