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Ervik is a small village close to West Cape. The people here subsist of farming and fishing. During the 2.World War many German soldiers and Russian Prisoners of War was stationed at Ervik, building bunkers and gun sites. The fine harbor at Ervik was also built during the war.


The cliffs at Ervik has been formed of the sea and ice over thousands of years.


Ervik is not a large village.


The sand beach at Ervik. The sea (waves) are often ideal for surfing.


Tunnels through the hills at Ervik connects the bunkers and gave storage room for ammunition during the 2 World War. The tunnels are open for the public.


At Ervik you will find a lot of gun sites. The allied supply ships was seeking protection  at the coast from the submarines in the Atlantic. At the coast they became targets for the gun sites as they was forced to go round Stadt/West Cape.


The grave yard at Ervik is among the most exceptional grave yards in Norway.


Goats are maintaining the rough grazing landscape and are excellent climbers.




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