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Lån til huslån og billån med lån.Contact info

Petter Morseth

6146 Åheim



Ph: +47 410 43 918

Fax:+47 70 02 44 90





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Extra boats


Extra boat - Øien 530F 25HP 4-stroke

This boat has got a Honda 4-stroke engine. A 4-stroke engine use about 50% of fuel compared to a 2-stroke engine. No oil mixing in the fuel is necessary. This is the ideal and recommended boat for fishermen. There is much space and more persons can be fishing at the same time. This  is a  very safe and stable boat on the water (you can stand at the side). The boat is 17,5ft long, 2,12m wide (!) and has got a 25 HP engine. For up to 8 persons / 1000 Kg. Boat and engine was new in year 2007.


The boat is located in the harbor (marina) at Åheim. That is about 5 minutes with car from Skorge/Skorgehøgda, 3 minutes from Småstranda or 15-20 minutes from Kilebrekka (Mountain cabin). The boat can also be moored at Skorge/Skorgehøgda.


Price for this boat can be found here.




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